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哈囉! 我是攝影師 Super。2011,獨立開業以來,很幸運的與以下品牌/廠商合作過:全家便利店、軒尼詩、OK便利店、夏普、象印、TOTO、可果美、康寶、德州鮮切牛排館、台灣菸酒、 全聯、Bitpaly、JumpFromPaper、Qburger、米蘭數位、月棠設計、藝術形態、伊藤忠吉普世等。期待未來有任何合作的機會。


Hi,I'm Chao the photographer, in Taipei. It is fortunate enough to me to work with these clients &  agencies below: Fami Mart、Hennessy、OKmart、Sharp、Zojirushi、TOTO、Knorr、Taxes Roadhouse、TTL、PXmart 、Bitpaly、JumpFromPaper、Qburger、TTDI、Art Image、ITOCHU PLASTICS...Look forward to having news form you.

Except the shooting service, there is also the studio rental service we have. A house with 2 floors:First floor is the kitchen which is truly operated. And second floor is the white studio and living scene with plenty of light. There is good public transport that we are  just near by the Zhongshan MRT station. Welcome to contact us.



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T:02 2552-5795

F:02 2552-6855




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We are just behind the exit 6 of Zonshan Station.Turn left when you just walk out the exit 6 and turn left again and walk just about  50M,we are at the left side.If you are drive you car here,you can park your car at the Jiang-chen Junior hight parking lot(the entrance is on the Chian-An W. road.Then Walk out though the exit 3.